Raith Supporters Trust AGM, 17th December 2016

Venue: Adam Smith Centre, Kirkcaldy, 1.30pm

Apologies – Apologies were received from several members and proxies supplied by seven members.

Welcome & Introductions

Trust Chairman, Alan Russell (AR),  opened the meeting and welcomed the members.

Overview of the Previous Years Accounts

AR referred members to the reports in the 2013 to 16 accounts.

The Treasurer , Graeme Condie (GC), provided copies of the accounts for everyone and went over a short presentation of the main numbers in the accounts.

Membership income was broadly level over the period at around £6,000 per year. Cash balances were built up over the year and then reduced when contributions were made to the football club. Contributions to the club average almost £8,000 per year over the period.


Have Trust funds or income dropped over the period? Generally not although some fundraising events weren’t making as much as they had in the past. New events have made an increasing contribution however.

Has the way fixtures have been allocated and changed had an impact on the club’s income? There had been some unfortunate scheduling this season and re-arrangements hadn’t helped. This has had a negative impact on the club’s cash flow and was one reason why the Trust made the contribution when it did.

Motion to pass three year accounts – PASSED

Motion to allow Independent Examination – PASSED

 Trust Board / Nominations Process

No nominations were received and present board members all indicated they would continue.


No other issues were raised

The formal meeting closed at 1.45pm

An informal discussion continued after the meeting closed.

  • Cost of kids season tickets – there was a discussion of the impact of the club increasing the cost of children’s season tickets. This was generally viewed as a negative and the Trust had made representations to the club board to reflect this view.
  • What should the Trust’s main objective be? – there was also discussion of the objectives of the Trust and whether there should be an aspiration to have greater involvement in the club or to focus on increasing membership and activity.

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