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You’ve got to feel for Luton fans. Having been declared insolvent 3 times in the last 10 years and having just been relegated to the lowest Football League division, they now face the prospect of starting next season with -30 points.  Given they only achieved 33 points last season is it really worth it? See the Times story.

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  • Alan Russell says:

    This makes me really, really angry. Luton’s new regime are being given an unprecedentedly large punishment for the deeds of the old regime – they’re effectively being relegated before the season starts, unless they manage to win 70 points this season (and what chance do they have of doing that without going into debt again?)

    Leeds’ punishment looks tame in comparison – and that allowed Ken Bates and his pals to put the club into administration and then run it again afterwards. So much for the “fit and proper person” test!

  • Tam says:

    Agree, Luton Town FC, the new owners and the fans are being severely punished for the misdemeanour’s and the poor running of the club by previous owners.
    A punishment that is way beyond that of any handed out before.
    They League hit clubs that are already in a poor way, already punished with an even bigger punishment that will be almost impossible to beat and therefore be punished again with further relegation.

    And all the while the top clubs break & bend the rules time and time again and worse have mountainous debts that would appear to be insurmountable and still beat the system.
    Where is the justice?

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