Trust Board Meeting, 13th June 2005

Venue: Novar Bar, Kirkcaldy

Present: James Proctor (JP), John Mainland (JM), George Howie (GH), Tom Phillips (TP), Neil Langtree (NL)
Apologies: Alan Russell (AR), Chris McFarlane (CM), Collas Pilmer (CP)

Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes were agreed as a fair record of the previous meeting

Treasurer’s report

Update of finances was given

Membership update

407 – 108 Founders, 251 New Adult, 3 Returning Adult, 45 Junior

Matters arising

Meeting with Miller – Still no response – GH to formally write to him – ABANDONED

Loan Fund – Propose to write offering opt-out by end August at latest or when takeover is complete – ONGOING (JP)

Loan Fund – Propose to use as a share buying or buyout fund – ONGOING

General meeting report

Attendance was a reality check on effectiveness of meetings – AS STATED ; COMPLETED

General feeling that club may well be in trouble again in the future – AS STATED ; COMPLETED

Trust Board

Need to either reduce ambitions or to bring more people on board – ONGOING

Trust Organisation Chart proposed to make board of 12 with each person having specific responsibilities – COMPLETED

Propose to bring names of candidates to next board meeting – ONGOING (ALL)

Meeting with Gordon Dalziel

GH to contact John Drysdale and arrange date – HELD 26/05/05 – COMPLETED


Phone Co-op – Agreed to sign up for Affinity deal – COMPLETED

McCree’s Battalion Donation – Find out more about costs – consider donation at next board meeting – PARKED WHILST RtR CAMPAIGN RUNNING (JP)

SD Membership – JP to send copy of accounts – ONGOING (JP)

Scot Exec – JP to circulate brief on report into “Football’s Future” – ONGOING (JP)

5’s Tournament – Planning to start and date set – PARKED WHILST RtR CAMPAIGN RUNNING (JP)

Date of Next Meeting: Monday 18 July 2005 – 7.30pm, Novar Bar

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