Raith Fans Encouraged To Back The BidPrint This Post

The Raith Trust, who publicly launched the “Reclaim the Rovers” campaign last week are encouraging fans to do their bit for the campaign by organising their own fundraising events and getting the whole community involved in supporting the campaign to bring Raith Rovers back into local community ownership.

Trust Secretary, James Proctor explained, “The campaign is really about local people coming together to do something for the local community. We want to let them control the organising and running of events in support of the campaign and to allow people to contribute in whichever way they think best.”

Mr. Proctor continued, “We’ve already had fans coming forward offering to do everything from sponsored parachute jumps to pub crawls so it sounds like there’ll be some fun as well as hard graft. We’ll draw up a list of sanctioned events so that people will know they will be supporting something which is legitimate and we’ll help the organisers with publicity and contacts. But essentially they’ll be given space to go out and get the event organised without interference which will allow people to concentrate on doing the things they’re good at.”

The fundraising activities are just one of the ways which the trust wants people to support the campaign. More details of the Loan Fund which allows people to donate £250 to a dedicated fund will be sent to fans this week and local businesses will be contacted in the next fortnight and asked to lend their support.

The trust is also urging Rovers fans to continue to join up to make sure they are getting all the latest information on the campaign. Mr Proctor said, “The simplest way for us to keep everyone aware of what is happening is to send them a letter or email. In order to do that we have to know how to contact them so by joining the trust, which only costs £5 for adults, they’ll not only be adding their support to the campaign but also getting to hear what’s happening directly from the people involved. Membership has risen to over 300 but that still leaves a lot of Rovers fans on the outside and we want to make sure we include everyone in this campaign.”

The campaign received a further boost last week when the official supporters club threw their weight behind it. A meeting between the two organisations is scheduled for early next week to determine the best way forward.

Anyone wishing to make a donation to the campaign should make cheques payable to “The Raith Trust” and send them to PO Box 26727, Kirkcaldy, Fife KY2 5WP, or go online at www.raithtrust.org.uk

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