Rovers Reclaimed!

The deal to secure the future of Raith Rovers was concluded today. The New Raith Rovers consortium, of which “Reclaim the Rovers” is a part, now owns the controlling interest in Raith Rovers and Stark’s Park. The news brings to a successful conclusion 10 months of hard work for supporters in raising money and helping put together the deal.

The consortium has been a great example of everyone from within the Rovers community pulling together to bring about real change at the club. However without the support of the major investors, both old and new, there would be no consortium.

John Sim was the main investor in the consortium but he increased his already significant stake when Alex Penman withdrew and without that support there simply would be no deal. Mario Caira and Turnbull Hutton have also been important players in ensuring that a workable deal could be put in place.

Our elected representatives also deserve recognition for the massive difference that they have made to the campaign. Gordon Brown as the local MP has been absolutely central to the effort and his influence in bringing about the deal should not be underestimated. Our MSP Marilyn Livingstone has also put in a power of work on behalf of the campaign over the last few months.

The campaign has also benefited substantially from working in partnership with our local paper, the Fife Free Press, who have been superb in maintaining the profile of the campaign locally.

No-one should forget that it’s been a fantastic achievement for supporters to have played such an important role in achieving real change at the club. It has also been a massive achievement for fans to have raised over £100,000 and everyone who helped us reach that target should be proud of their efforts. There is no doubt that the positive tone of the campaign set early on has helped in pulling together people from different backgrounds to work in partnership for the betterment of Raith Rovers.

If everyone can put that same effort into the future of the club we have no doubt that we will be able to turn around the fortunes of the club.

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