Andy Mill is the new RRFC Supporter-Director

Voting for the position of Supporter-Director closed at 10pm on Friday 1st June 2018, and the results have been counted and verified.


The election was contested by four candidates, and carried out using the Single Transferable Vote method where one candidate is eliminated in each round, and their votes distributed to other candidates on the basis of voters’ second, third and fourth preferences.

David Proudfoot was eliminated after the first round, and Paul Gilfillan was eliminated in the second round. The results of the third round of voting were as follows:

  • Andy Mill – 203 votes
  • Bill Gilby – 160 votes

Andy Mill is therefore elected, with 55.9% of the votes in the final round of voting. He will therefore be appointed to the board of New Raith Rovers Ltd and (with the consent of the directors) Raith Rovers Football Club Ltd & Raith Rovers FC Holdings Ltd.


There was a total electorate eligible to vote of 931 people, made up of adult members of the Raith Forum of Supporters Groups plus Raith Rovers adult season ticket holders:

  • 832 voters were eligible to vote online
  • 99 voters were eligible to vote by post



Total turnout for the election numbered 369, equivalent to 39.63% of the total electorate.

  • 316 votes were cast online (equivalent to 33.94% of the electorate)
  • 53 votes were cast by post (equivalent to 5.69% of the electorate)

There were 9 spoiled ballots, equivalent to 0.97% of the electorate.



Secretary of the Raith Supporters Trust, James Proctor, said:

“With four candidates this was an intriguing election, and I’d like to commend all four candidates for the professional way in which they conducted their campaigns. I would like to congratulate Andy Mill on winning the election to become the latest Supporter-Director of Raith Rovers. I look forward to him continuing the good work done by his predecessors Gordon Adamson, Dave Wann, Tom Phillips, Alex Condie and Ali More.”

“Throughout the election process the four candidates demonstrated that they each would have been an asset to our football club had they been successful. We have been encouraged by the interest generated in this election, not least from within the Starks Park boardroom, and the candidates have demonstrated very clearly the wealth of talent and experience available to the club.”

“This was the highest turnout we have ever seen for an election of this type at Raith Rovers, and I would like to thank each and every supporter who cast a vote for taking an active part in this democratic process.”



In the first round, the candidates received the following number of votes:

  • Andy Mill – 154 votes
  • Bill Gilby – 104 votes
  • Paul Gilfillan – 60 votes
  • David Proudfoot – 51 votes

David Proudfoot was therefore eliminated in the first round, and his votes distributed to give the following result in round two:

  • Andy Mill – 166 votes
  • Bill Gilby – 120 votes
  • Paul Gilfillan – 81 votes

Paul Gilfillan was therefore eliminated in the second round, and his votes distributed to give the following result in round three:

  • Andy Mill – 203 votes
  • Bill Gilby – 160 votes

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7 Responses

  1. Bill Gilby says:

    Congratulations to Andy who will be a rock solid supporter/director.
    Well done too to David and Paul who brought new ideas into the discussion.
    As I’ve said elsewhere I’ll now be supporting Andy as our board member, both in the Raith Forum and as a volunteer, putting into effect the good ideas that all four candidates put forward during the election campaign. Lots to be done to secure a viable future for Raith Rovers.

  2. Martin Christie says:

    I sincerely hope the Board find a way to get all 4 of these quality candidates involved in stimulating and leading new initiatives forward.

    The Club needs to use this new found energy and commitment as a platform to move on to better things.

    There will be other fans keen to contribute their time, skills and experience in driving the Rovers forward.

    Let’s do this by organising a meeting of like-minded volunteers and see what that leads to.


  3. Lesley Lynch says:

    Congratulations Andy. Look forward to seeing what you and the Board move forward?

  4. William Forsyth says:

    Congratulations Andy , i was also very impressed by David Proudfoot who i think in future could make a fantastic fans director.

  5. Les Smith says:

    Well done Andy i’m Sure you can’t wait to get started, I agree with everyone else the other 3 candidates were also outstanding and hopefully positions can be made available for them.

  6. Robert Hunter says:

    As a member of the Jim McMillan Club and an Adult season ticket holder. Have I missed the opportunity to place a vote due to my ignorance of how and where to vote ?

  7. Alan Russell says:

    Hi Robert, details of how to vote were sent to your email address. Perhaps they didn’t make it pass your spam filter?

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