Trust Board Meeting, 12th October 2019

Venue: The Boathouse, Aberdour

Present: Colin Flinn, (CF), Steven Lawther (SL), James Proctor (JP), Alan Russell (AR), Andy Simpson (AS) & Steve Wallace (SW)
Apologies:  Graeme Condie (GC), Graeme Baxter (GB)

Minutes of previous meeting

It was agreed that they were a record of the previous board meeting on 17 September 2019.

Matters Arising

Youth Season Tickets

Club confirmed that all 200 youth and 40 adult and child subsidised season tickets had been purchased. This was achieved with the generous donation from the estate of Bill Powrie.

Given that 240 tickets were sold at a reduced price it seems unlikely that the club would have achieved this quantity of sales at the higher price they set.

Therefore, there needs to be a discussion with the club over their youth ticket policy.


  • Trust Board to open discussion with club over youth ticket prices.

Treasurers Report

No report this month.

2018/19 Accounts – Draft accounts with the Independent Examiner.

AGM – Likely to be held in January, subject to approval of the accounts.

Loan Notes – due to the changes in RRFC ownership the value of Raith Trust’s shareholding is now zero and therefore Loan Notes were written down to zero to reflect this. Loan Note holders will be contacted to inform them of this.


  • GC to get accounts signed off
  • AR, JP & GC to write to Loan Note holders.
  • JP to organise AGM

Note: In December 2013 the Trust Board agreed to maintain a balance of £10,000.

Membership Update

Membership currently stands at around 150.

CF agreed to take on the membership role.

Agreed to consider strategy and membership at next board meetings with the aim of having a clear offer for 2020.


  • GB & AR at arrange handover of membership information to CF.

Communication Update

SL has redrafted survey and it will go live in November.

SL has collated some information about the trusts achievements

Newsletter to be issued after survey closes and results analysed.


  • SL to issue survey.
  • AR (or other) to inform other supporters’ groups at the next Raith Forum meeting.


Burns’ Supper – It was agreed not to hold a Burns’ Supper this year and to review it for 2021.

Quiz Night – All to help with question rounds and getting teams to enter.

Beer Festival – need to get labels designed.


  • Agreed to fund £1,400 contingency to make anniversary beer project happen.


No forum meeting since the last board meeting


  • AR to have a discussion at the next Forum meeting in regard to the timing of financial contributions to the club.


There should be a rota for ensuring cover at Trust stand on match days.

Time to discuss the transition of the Roary Club to spread the load.


  • Discuss rota at next meeting.


Bill Powrie donation – The contribution to youth tickets was recognised in the press and media.


  • ALL – discussion on strategy and membership to be carried forward to AGM and after.

Date of next meeting

Saturday 7 December 2019 in Aberdour.

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