Raith Supporters Trust: Working Together For A Stronger Raith Rovers

The board of Raith Supporters Trust were appalled to read the interview with the club’s owner today. Having had 10 weeks to reflect on the David Goodwillie signing, it appears that he is deaf to the concerns of fans, and unrepentant about the damage caused to the club.

At a time when the club are preparing for a vital run of matches which could secure promotion to the Premiership this was not a welcome intervention. We stand against John Sim’s threat to close the club down, and we stand for every Raith Rovers supporter who believes in a strong future for a club at the heart of the Kirkcaldy community, one that we can be proud of and which cares about more than just football.

As always, we are committed to building this future, and believe passionately that supporters’ voices should be at the heart of our club.

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2 Responses

  1. Quinny says:

    For sim to think of doing that to the club and fans is a disgrace.He needs to go and soon.Reclaim The Rovers part 2

  2. Kinghorn Beach Boy says:

    Sim has shown himself to be incapable of changing, and has instead doubled down on his prehistoric view of the world. He is dragging this club’s reputation back into the gutter. As long as he remains the owner, things will never truly change. I agree with Quinny – it’s time to Reclaim the Rovers again.

    All supporter groups should convene together to discuss and agree a plan of action for a full community-led purchase of the club. It will be a long, long hard slog, but we must do this.

    Along with this, we need a sustained, coordinated and public demonstration of how we feel – not about the club, the players or the management team, but about Sim personally. The time for private exchanges of views is over. The time for action is now.

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