Annual General Meeting, 27th November 2008Print This Post

Venue: Raith Suite, Starks Park, Kirkcaldy
Attendance: 23

Minutes of previous AGM were agreed


Alan Russell, Chair of the Trust, gave an overview of the year’s activity:

  • Accounts had been delayed due to the time to organise the audit. This would be resolved by the rule changes before the members.
  • The AGM to pass the 07/08 accounts was scheduled for May 2009.
  • Tom Phillips had been elected to serve as the supporters’ representative on the various boards of Raith Rovers FC and holding companies.
  • Meetings had been held to allow fans to learn more about the ownership structure.
  • A commitment had been made to the club to raise funds which would be earmarked for the Youth Development Initiative.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Accounts for the 06/07 year were discussed.
  • Accounts were agreed.

Membership Report

  • Current membership was around 200 in total.
  • It was proposed that membership would run to coincide with the football season in order to make better use of time and resources available.
  • This will start from the 2009/10 season.


  • Motion to reduce the amount of elected board members was passed.
  • Motion to allow choice of Independent Examination was passed.
  • Motion to have an Independent Examination for 07/08 was passed.

Election of Trust Board

  • No further nominations to the board were received.


  • A wide ranging discussion of the relationship between Stark’s Park Properties and the Football Club took place.
  • This included a discussion of the press story in the Fife Free Press as well as the short and longer term responses of the Raith Trust.

Meeting Closed at 9.13pm

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