Trust Board Meeting, 9th May 2001Print This Post

Present: James Proctor, Blair White, Garry Fyfe, George Howie, Tom Phillips, Neil Langtree
Apologies: Mike Melville, Eddie Doig (RRFCSC, arrived 9 p.m.)

Previous minutes (Steering Group 25th April)

Meeting agreed they were a true record and ran through the action points. Most of the action points had been addressed except BW to write to Colin Cameron.

Review of 3rd May General meeting

Society Board (SB) agreed that it had gone well and had achieved the main aim which was to agree the adoption of the model rules. NL expressed some disappointment at the low turnout. TP stated that in future general meetings should be easier as there will be a clearer definition of routine business in relation to “interest” agenda items. Brief discussion on the general meeting minutes – various comments which BW will incorporate and then circulate once more before general release.

Constitution update

JP will now write to Paull and Williamson with “our” rules and our queries. JP thinks might be a bit of negotiation over the queries and costs. JP will also contact the Morton Trust to see if their experience may shed any light on what we can expect in terms of time frame. GH confirmed that he had stated at the general meeting that the overall costs could be in the region of £1,000.

Dialogue with RRFC

Brief discussion on BW’s draft letter to RRFC. BW to incorporate comments, circulate at earliest opportunity and the send to RRFC. Also discussed the merits of an informal approach, which might have possibilities.

Co-opted Society Board members

The SB agreed that for the present it would concentrate on trying to bring a local councillor on board. Jim Rowbotham had kindly suggested John Campbell as a possibility. BW to draft letter and circulate.

SB agreed not to officially approach anyone from the business community at the present time as it would need to be clear in its collective mind as to what the mutual objectives and benefits would be. GF agreed to informally approach a couple of Trust members who were in business and discuss how the Trust/business community might progress together. Similarly, the SB agreed not to approach anyone at the club at the moment.

Membership drive

The SB agreed the following “targets” in the following order: The people who had given a donation but not followed up with annual fee/SO. BW to coordinate. The people who would drop out of Friends of the Rovers scheme. GH to ask ED for list. Season ticket holders. Shareholders list Fife Free Press overseas list. Idea being to put a flyer in the papers being sent abroad. The SB also agreed to investigate the possibility of revamping the Information Centre – ie banner for the front of the table. GF to approach ABC designs to get some costings.

Sponsorship opportunities

SB agreed to consider the possibilities of taking out an advert in the programme or sponsoring some aspect of the club. [Afternote: GH supplied a comprehensive listing of sponsorship opportunities plus costs]

It was reckoned that an advertising board at the ground might cost in the region of £600 to construct/design.

Trust Logo

SB seemed to be evenly split between the “speeding ball” and the “militant fist”. GH suggested that a 3rd way might be to adapt the “militant fist” to “the hands of freindship”. GH to pursue with his graphic design contact.

Date of next meeting

Betty Nichols, Wed 23 May, 7.30pm

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