Our long term future is as a community club

There have been press reports that the team that are talking to Queen of the South about a possible takeover also approached Raith Rovers.


While new investment in Raith Rovers is always to be welcomed it is important that we don’t chase finance with no thought to where it is coming from. The lessons from Claude Anelka situation and the current position at Rangers should be a reminder that not all new investment is in the long term interest of football clubs.

The best way to secure the long term future of Raith Rovers is as a community club run with fans being listened to and having a say in the future direction of the club. The Trust will continue to work with the current board of Raith Rovers FC to ensure that we build towards a stronger and stable Raith Rovers in future. The first step in doing that is securing our First Division status in the next three games so let’s get right behind the Rovers!


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