Raith Supporters Trust AGM, 24th November 2011

Venue: Raith Suite, Starks Park, Kirkcaldy, 7.30pm

Apologies – Apologies were accepted

Welcome & Introductions
John Mainland (JM) opened the meeting and welcomed the members.

Overview of the Previous Year
JM highlighted the key events, achievements and challenges during the previous year (as described in the Chairman’s Statement in the accounts which were circulated to members).

Treasurer’s Report
Graeme Condie (GC) provided copies of the accounts for everyone and Blair White (BW) had sent copies to all Trust members.
A member asked about fund raising and said it would be good if members could pay £2 to £5 per week. This was discussed and it was pointed out that many members do pay contributions above the annual fee of £5.
The accounts were passed.
A motion to allow for an Independent Examination for the next year was passed.

Membership Report
BW provided a report. Membership stands at 210 and 40 reminder letters have been sent out to the members who have not renewed membership. 152 members have provided email addresses which has reduced time and effort as well as costs of the postage and stationery.  BW highlighted the fact that communication with the members is very important either by post or email.
GC asked if all members who pay by Standing Order could check and see if their Trust membership number is on their bank statement.

Three Strategic Initiatives
Three initiatives were presented by GC, Steven Lawther (SL) & Tam Cunningham (TC) and each was open to discussion – these will be discussed with a wider audience over the coming months.
During the discussions Dave Wann (DW) reported the RRFC board of directors signed up to the objectives in the Concordat and highlighted the work put in by SL. JM agreed and along with the members present thanked SL for the work put into producing the Concordat.

Presentation and Voting on Motions
No motions were reported and no votes were asked for.

Trust Board / Nominations Process
JM informed the meeting that BW was resigning from the post as he had come to the end of his term and has carried out the post for eight years, he will however carry on in the post until a new membership secretary is found.  JM thanked BW for his efficient work and service.
JM discussed the resource gaps in the current Trust board, and asked for any members interested in joining the board to make themselves known and they could form discussion groups. No one showed interest.

JM reported there were Supporters Documents that were up for discussion: Fans Plans Proposals, these were discussed and it was proposed that small groups of Trust members could discuss the proposals amongst themselves and report their findings. As there was no interest shown from the members, this will be discussed at the next board meeting.
GC asked DW about the vacant position of the RRFC chairman’s post, DW replied and stated there were two deputy chairmen and all the board directors had specific duties/tasks and this will continue for the foreseeable future until a suitable candidate is found.
One member pointed out that he was struggling with the terminology and language used during the reports and discussions: this was discussed and as he had a valid point the board would attempt to use simpler language in the future.

The meeting closed at 9:10pm

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