Ticket Prices for 2021/22 Season – good news for fans of the future!

The Raith Supporters Trust welcome the recent announcement of Raith Rovers season ticket prices, which includes significantly reduced pricing for younger fans.

Trust Chair Alan Russell, speaking after the announcement of the coming season’s prices stated:

“Affordable pricing for young supporters is something we have been actively campaigning on for the last three or four seasons. We are delighted that the club has listened to the views of fans and set season ticket prices for Under 16s at a realistic, affordable level. Our research has consistently shown that the cost of bringing children along to Stark’s Park can act as a barrier to attendance and at one stage our under 16 season ticket prices were the most expensive in Scotland outside the Old Firm. That is why we are delighted at the £10 offer for young fans renewing and the club taking on board our suggestion of a discounted rate for those of primary school age.

“This is a definite win for families and younger supporters. We have seen fantastic developments in the match day experience for younger fans in recent years including the introduction of the Roary Club, which we are proud to have supported since it was first established. Affordable pricing for younger fans is the next step in developing the fans of the future and securing a strong Raith Rovers going forward.

“We were also pleased that the club invited us to help shape their pricing strategy, and while we believe that all tickets should be affordable, with prices increases kept to a minimum for all fans, we stressed four principles in our dialogue with the club:

  1. Pricing is an opportunity to grow the fan-base of the future – the more young fans attend regularly, the more adult fans we’ll have in the future.
  2. The number of fans we have now is not enough – we need to price RRFC in such a way that it attracts large numbers of new fans.
  3. Price increases should be focussed on those who can afford it most – and if a supporter stops attending temporarily for financial reasons, there’s no guarantee they’ll ever come back regularly.
  4. It’s great to reward fans for their loyalty, but most of them will be loyal regardless – giving them something extra may be a more meaningful way of saying thank you than giving them a discount.

“We hope that fans renew in large numbers, and that we also see many new faces at Starks Park when we return this season.”

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