Raith Rovers Supporters’ Director – Candidates Statements

Following last week’s deadline for nominations for the post of Raith Rovers Supporters’ Director, we are delighted to announce that two excellent candidates have expressed interest in the role: Steven Graham and Dorothy Wilson.

A hustings event took place online on April 4th, with questions submitted in advance – you can view a recording of the event here (the 90 minute recording has been split into 6 sections):

2022 Hustings (1 of 6) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpKhPHz_6PE

2022 Hustings (2 of 6) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJthEVu9yLg

2022 Hustings (3 of 6) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pG6uuB0QYPs

2022 Hustings (4 of 6) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xg0gvYbOEio

2022 Hustings (5 of 6) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqmFtDpgXZA

2022 Hustings (6 of 6) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQmHz132F2Y

Both candidates’ nomination statements are included below.

Steven Graham

Having supported Raith Rovers for 49 years now it would be fair to say I have witnessed many highs and lows during this time. One thing for me that remains constant is the passion, enthusiasm, and commitment that all our fans show towards the football club.

From attending my first Rovers game with my late Uncle Billy McLure versus Clydebank in the Scottish Cup I was hooked. In keeping the family tradition my son Matthew is also a season ticket holder and a member of the Raith Rovers 2008 Community Football Club. Matthew currently gets to live the dream all supporters have of playing on the famous Stark Park every other weekend.

For me, my true connection with RRFC started with the late great Mr Frank Connor who transformed the club from top to bottom. Jimmy Nicholl and the late Martin Harvey took the club onto another level although Jimmy was always the first to say that Frank laid the foundations for that special period in the club’s history which we all look back on with fond memories.

On a personal level, I have supported the club for 49 years and have been fortunate that through my career I have been able to offer various levels of support be that vocally from the stands, player, car and shirt sponsorship. Raith Rovers is more than a Football Club we are a community club with a proud tradition, history that we can all relate to.

Be that memories of fantastic games, special moments shared with loved ones who are no longer with us, celebrating that last minute goal, promotions and the subsequent sore heads that follow the next morning through to the Saturday night despair of the defeat endured over the years.

On that point, now more than ever we need strong representation on the Board of Raith Rovers to continue the magnificent work of Gordon Adamson and Andy Mill who have worked tirelessly as part of the board of Directors to promote the club, improve the community links. We all have our own opinions of the recent events and regardless of what these are all we all want the same thing, rebuild the great name of RRFC locally, nationally, and globally as together we can have influence. One voice, one vison, one strategy to deliver success. We need the Rovers family to unite and encourage every fan to return to Starks Park ASAP. My aim is remarkably simple and that is to work with every fan and give them the opportunity to share their views by listening, communicating, and delivering change across the business. Remember RRFC is a business and therefore needs to be sustainable financially. Every Raith fan wants the same thing, successful team that delivers the clubs values.

Together, we can deliver this, but it does mean that everyone must be working together as in any business teamwork delivers results.

Finally, we can all influence the future so together let us all “get right behind the Rovers”.

Thank You

Dorothy Wilson

My name is Dot Wilson and would be delighted to representing Raith Rovers fans from near and far as Supporters Director at our amazing club.

It goes without saying that I’m a passionate football fan, but more importantly a Rovers fan that has followed the team home and away for many years. I will work tirelessly on your behalf to make sure the voices of the loyal Raith Rovers fan base are heard and pledge to:

  • Engage with community groups
  • Support the fans and interact with the board on their behalf
  • Work within policies, guidelines and financial constraints
  • Re-promote RRFC as a family club
  • Re-engage with volunteers and get new volunteers on board
  • Work with the Community Trust to re-establish community groups (e.g. Breakfast and Blether)
  • Work with the 200 Club and Hospitality to ensure value for money

I don’t underestimate the commitment and hard work that it will take from me to be successful in ensuring the fans are represented whilst balancing my part time career as a senior nurse within the private sector as well as supporting the NHS in the pandemic. I want to ensure that no voice goes unheard; as such I’ll use multiple channels to engage with our fans and keep them up to date with club decisions. Lessons have been learnt from recent events and I will look to improve on this and implement changes where appropriate. I always work within the scope of my own capabilities and take advice when needed to achieve the best outcome for all stakeholders.

My involvement in the football community spans beyond RRFC and I have been using my expertise in my role as Trustee with the Tartan Army Children’s Charity (TACC).

I’m conscious that I have focussed on how my experiences will benefit our fans, however, my wealth of experience within the private sector and as Trustee of TACC will also provide some expertise in other fields such as fundraising activities, disclosure programmes, working within budget constraints and compliance activities.

I look forward to seeing you at our games.

Additional Information

  • Jim McMillan Club, 200 Club, Supporters Club, Rovers Down South, Fife’s Finest, The Neeburs Of Geordie Munro and Raith Supporters Trust members will be eligible to vote, as well as Raith Rovers FC season ticket holders
  • When casting your vote, you will be asked to indicate which of these groups you belong to, and that you give permission for your name and email address to be shared with that group, or with Raith Rovers FC, for verification – your vote will remain confidential, and your personal data will not be retained after the election
  • Votes cast without evidence of eligibility, or which cannot be verified, will be rejected and will not count towards the final result

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