David Goodwillie

The board of Raith Supporters Trust strongly oppose last night’s transfer deadline signing of David Goodwillie, which runs contrary to the values of Raith Rovers as an inclusive club at the heart of its community. When speculation about this transfer began in late December the reaction from fans, shareholders and sponsors was clearly stated, and the board of Raith Rovers Football Club must have anticipated the backlash this morning.

We will be at our usual meeting point in the South Stand concourse at Starks Park this evening for the match against Queen of the South, to listen to the views of our members and the wider support, in order that we can properly represent their views in discussions with the club. Those members and fans who can not attend can reach us to share their views regarding this signing via email: chairman@raithtrust.org.uk

Our focus has always been on the long term future of our football club, and we will continue to work together with others for a stronger Raith Rovers.

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3 Responses

  1. John Mainland says:

    Well put.

  2. John Graham says:

    This is beyond belief what’s was the board and McGlynn thinking off. Sponsors cancelling. Volunteers resigning, this needs a rethink quickly or we’re gonna be the pariah of Scottish Football.

  3. Kenny Gow says:

    If David Goodwillie can be convinced to express contrition, and agree to support anti-sexual violence campaigns locally, this could turn out to be a ‘win’ for the club. However, stating that he is ‘a proven goal scorer’ gives the impression that goals are more important to Raith Rovers than the security and safety of women in society and was a PR disaster.

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