Disgusted Raith Legend withdraws from Hall of Fame

League Cup winner Stephen McAnespie has today instructed his lawyer to write to Raith Rovers asking that he be removed from the clubs Hall of Fame.

“I am disgusted… Disgusted by the signing of that player by the club I love”

He went on, “I’ve coached here in the USA since 2002 with boys, girls and young people at every age group. I’ve coached several women who’ve gone on to play for the USA. I have been involved in football all my working life promoting being both better players and better people”

“We are role models. Young people look to football players and clubs for examples of how to play, to act and to live. I know and understand how important a clubs reputation is”

“My lawyer is issuing a statement today, it needs more of our guys to make a stand. I have a daughter and we all have females in our life. The club statement was embarrassing, whoever wrote it needs to step down and apologise”

“I’m beyond livid, I loved being proud of being a Rover”

“So many Raith fans are like me disgusted… They are stopping giving money to the club and many have contributed instead to the fundraiser for Rape Crisis Scotland Helpline. Supporting all victims of this sort of act, victims who will be upset and appalled by events at Starks Park”

“The fans, the volunteers, all those who have felt forced to step away or resign deserve better than this. Like so many who love the Rovers I am horrified and deeply upset by this episode. I’m disgusted…”

“I’m withdrawing my Hall of Fame membership with a heavy, heavy heart. I can’t be involved with an organisation that excuses that sort of behaviour”

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1 Response

  1. John Sutherland says:

    Dear Steven,

    You will always be a LEGEND hall of famer to myself and every other Kirkcaldy man, woman and child. I say child because that is all we can offer the younger generation for now. Our memories of the past, when we had a club, and a team, we were all very proud of.

    Hope life is good with you and all back to normal after H Katrina.

    Keep smiling


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