Trust Board Meeting, 1st November 2004Print This Post

Venue: Novar Bar, Kirkcaldy

Present: James Proctor (JP), Collas Pilmer (CP), George Howie (GH), John Mainland (JM), Neil Langtree (NL), Tom Phillips (TP)
Apologies: Alan Russell (AR), Chris McFarlane (CM)

Minutes of previous meeting
Minutes were agreed as a fair record of the previous meeting

Treasurer’s report
Update not available
Standing Orders currently still contributing approximately £500 per month
Status of founders money to be determined

Membership update
Currently at 185 – 108 Founders, 61 New Adult, 16 Junior

Matters Arising

Fans Forum Review – Positive, well-run and a good report to follow.

5’s Tournament Review – Made good contacts in the local community, successful event which should be run again next year.

27/11 Events – After canvassing sponsors it was decided not to pursue organising an event due to lack of support and lack of time and people to run the event. Full support through our contacts list will be given to all events.

Business Plan – Trust Member, David Wann has agreed to review the plan

Community Ownership:

  • Review of 2 Meetings with RRFC Board – Generally positive, current and future ownership was discussed, context of the Anelka appointment was explained
  • A request for funds will be placed on the SGM agenda
  • Members Meeting – Colin McGowan to be invited to speak briefly at the meeting
  • Proposal on community ownership to be drafted
  • List of events since last members meeting to be drafted
  • Meeting with Turnbull Hutton and Jimmy Miller to be arranged

Community Ownership Fund:

  • Explanation of how this would work in practice
  • Cobbetts Solicitors to be engaged to start process pending members approval


Letter from MK Dons Supporters Association to be circulated JP

Date of Next Meeting

Monday 15th November – 7.30pm @ Novar Bar

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