Trust Board Meeting, 27th August 2002Print This Post

Attendees: George Howie Neil Langtree, Chris MacFarlane, Collas Pilmer, Tom Phillips, James Proctor, Alan Russell


95 members with a few more in the pipeline.


£8769.28 in the account as of 27/08/02.

Special General Meeting

Very good turnout, 70% of the members voted. Concern over where the money will go, the board wanted payment in cash but a £4k bankers draft will be given to them for payment to the IR, and a £1k cheque will be paid to the club for the balance. No decision yet re the method of the monthly payment.

Almost half of the members voted yes to both proposals. By the end of the season we will be in the top 5 shareholders – will it be time for a seat on the board? We should publicise the fact that we are a major shareholder. ACTION: GH to contact Eric Drysdale re specifics of payment and issue of share certificates.

Business Plan Sub-Committee

3 areas identified to work on – financial, personnel, and ‘other’ (i.e. PR, sponsorship, security, etc)

Sub-committee’s work will be concluded by the end of November. Completed plan should be passed to Scottish Enterprise and to the Enterprise Dept of Fife Council for review and feedback. It would be a powerful message to say that the plan has been endorsed by these organisations.

Membership Sub-Committee

Bill Gilby is working on a Fans Survey. ACTION: JP to contact Bill Gilby

Volunteers always welcome to man the information table in the South Stand. Membership pack needs to be revamped into tri-fold format. Gordon Holmes of the Fife Free Press has been contacted re design and production.

Event planned for November to boost membership and raise awareness of the Trust. Venue – Parkway Hotel? Victoria Hotel? Scott Davie to act as host / MC? ACTION: CP to contact Scott Davie

Notice Board

On order, should arrive in the next few weeks. CP will arrange to put it up in South Stand.

Raith Suite

Tom Phillips has attended tow meetings with the Supporters Club and 200 Club. Good turnout at the first game of the season, meeting again on August 28th to discuss the way forward.

Youth Football

Costs and resource availability to organise this will make this difficult this season. We should keep it in mind for next season. When we do it we need to do it right – start planning for next season after November when the two sub-committees’ work will be complete.

Classic Strips

Tam Cunningham on holiday, the ball is in his court.

Supporters Trusts

There are now three Trusts registered in Scotland (Falkirk, Celtic and Morton). Three more are established (Aberdeen, Hibs and Partick) and several more are not far behind (Motherwell, Dundee Utd and Dumbarton). St Mirren and Hearts are setting too, and there are many more interested (e.g. Stenhousemuir).

In total, supporters of 26 of the 42 senior clubs have enquired about Trusts. There is a lack of media attention, partly because the issue falls between the sports and news desks.

Conference organised in London on September 12th, and one planned for Scotland in January.

Promotion of the Trust

There is no link to the Trust on the club’s official website. ACTION: CM to talk to Kenny Scott, GH to talk to Eric Drysdale

Next Meeting Monday 23rd September, 7.30pm @ Betty Nicol’s

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