Trust Board Meeting, 21st December 2013Print This Post

Venue: The Boathouse, Aberdour
Present: Tam Cunningham (TC), Steve Wallace (SW), James Proctor (JP), Niall Russell (NR), Steven Lawther (SL), Graeme Condie (GC) & Alan Russell (AR).

Minutes of previous meeting
It was agreed that they were a record of the previous board meeting on 28 September 2013.
Action: AR to publish to website

Matters Arising
Alzheimer’s Project (AR) – the group would now meet in early 2014 to start the project.
Supporters Club shop – a report on use of Trust funds would be requested in early 2014.
Action: Next Forum meeting to be asked about progress of club shop and plans for Cup Final stock.

Treasurers Report
GC gave an overview of the current bank balances.
2012/13 Accounts – AGREED.
Make £2,500 investment in the club – AGREED
Proposal to maintain £10,000 funds – AGREED.
Proposal to make a further investment of £2,500 to the club by the end of the season assuming funds remain above £10,000 lower limit – AGREED
GC to write proposal for February subject meeting on Finance.
AR to email club accounts to Trust Board.
All – Away day will focus on setting targets for the year. Away Day to be held in April/May.

Membership Update
Membership currently stands at 210 with 2 new members and 19 previous members who have not renewed.
AR to send final reminder letter to lapsed members.
JP to contact John Litster about selling currently held stock of Rovers Recalled books.

Raith Trust Communication Update
Newsletter to be emailed to members and available in printed form at the Dundee home match on 2 January.
There had been good local media coverage of the Quiz night.
Actions: AR to check lock on noticeboard

Short of time to book Burns Night but could look at an alternative a week or so after.
Time to start early planning for Beer Festival.
Action: SW to determine whether Burns Night event can take place in short timescale.

Policy Papers Update
Legacy proposal – TC, AR and Kev Barretto are yet to meet.
There is a continued need to look at attracting people to attend matches.
Action: AR & TC to speak to Kev Barreto about legacy giving.

Rules and Documents – Update to be given at the AGM on rule amendments to be considered later in the year.
RRFC Board Election – Consultation will take place in 2014 with a view to having an agreed procedure for the next election in 2015.
Board Membership – Feedback from female trust members reported no specific block to putting themselves forward for a board role beyond the regular concerns of lack of time and availability.
JP to arrange AGM for late January.
AR to make Raith Forum aware of consultation on Supporter-appointed Director.

Raith Forum
Meeting was held in November. The Club will hold their AGM in January 2014. Concerns about attendance at home matches.
Actions: JP to send outline consultation on Supporters-appointed Director to Forum

20th Anniversary of Coca-Cola League Cup Win – some thought should be given to merchandise and events to support this.
AGM to be held in the 200 Club before the next home match (25 January v. Alloa)
Actions: NR to find out whether RRFC are distributing tickets through supporters’ organisations.

Date of next meeting
As per the Board Meeting Calendar the next meeting will be a teleconference on an evening to be agreed towards the end of February. The subject will be Finance.
The next board meeting will take place at in March, prior to a home match, in The Boathouse, Aberdour unless otherwise advised.

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