Trust Board Meeting, 23rd August 2014Print This Post

Venue: The Boathouse, Aberdour

Present: Tam Cunningham (TC), Steve Wallace (SW), James Proctor (JP), Niall Russell (NR), Steven Lawther (SL) & Alan Russell (AR).
Apologies: Graeme Condie (GC)

Minutes of previous meeting
It was agreed that they were a record of the previous board meeting on 21 December 2013.
Action: AR to publish to website

Matters Arising
Alzheimer’s Project (AR) – the group hasn’t made progress this year due to difficulties in attracting more participants. Some further publicity might help.
Action: AR to speak to Alzheimer’s Scotland.
Supporters Club shop – a report on use of Trust funds would be requested.
Action: AR to check with Supporters Club.

Treasurers Report
No reports was discussed.
Actions: GC to provide report.

Membership Update
Renewal notices have been sent out.
GC to arrange bank access for NR.
NR to arrange to reconcile renewals with bank statement.
Discussion on organising a membership drive at the next board meeting.

Communication Update
Newsletter to be printed and issued at the upcoming home match against Rangers.
Roary Club sponsorship was getting some good coverage.
Print and issue newsletter – SL/NR
Use of noticeboards to be discussed at next board meeting.

A pub quiz would take place on Thursday 25 September at Stark’s Park.
Burns Night provisionally scheduled for 27th Jan 2015.
Fife Libraries are holding an event to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the League Cup win on 27th November.
Action: Raffle prizes for quiz to SW.

Supporters Contributions
There is some discussion over changing the way supporters groups are charged for use of facilities at Stark’s Park.
Action: AR to circulate date of next meeting of Raith Forum and try to get someone there to discuss.

Board Succession
There was some discussion over the future of places on the board and the response of the Trust to this.
JP to propose method of consulting with supporters.
AR to discuss wider issues at next Raith Forum meeting.

Policy Papers Update
Legacy proposal – no progress has been made.
Finance proposal – closed.
Action: AR to contact Colin Flynn about Legacy giving.

Rules and Documents – Update to be given at the AGM on rule amendments to be considered later in the year.
Board Membership – consideration should be given to bringing new people onto the Trust Board.
JP to contact Supporters Direct in regard to new Model Rules set.
JP to contact Ann Brand to determine willingness to be part of the Trust Board.
Board to ensure post can be picked up from PO Box – next board meeting.

Roary Club for junior Rovers supporters is running successfully with 270 members and a family day provisionally planned for the home match against Alloa.
Action: SL to arrange to invoice trust for start-up costs.

Date of next meeting
The next board meeting will take place at noon on 25 October prior to the home match against Alloa, in The Boathouse, Aberdour.

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