Steering Group, 25th April 2001Print This Post

Present: James Proctor, Blair White, Garry Fyffe, George Howie, Tom Phillips, Neil Langtree, Eddie Doig (RRFCSC)
Apologies: Mike Melville

Previous minutes

Meeting agreed they were a true record and ran through the action points. Most of the action points had been addressed, with others being covered in the following paragraphs.

Constitution update

JP reported that he had attended a SISCo meeting earlier in the month. Had been useful to hear others’ experiences, especially the Morton Trust, which was ahead of RRIST in progress. But we could benefit from their trailblazing.

From a RRIST perspective it was emerging that it would be best to use Paul and Williamson (Cobbetts’ agent in Scotland). They had the experience and it was likely that they could progress the RRIST quicker than a local solicitor. In addition, there was a genuine issue concerning infringing Intellectual Property Rights.

The Registrar in Scotland had accepted the Model Rules.

Next step to write to P&W with copy of model rules, plus changes we want, plus the queries we had. Action JP

The ideal was to get the General meeting to adopt the model rules then get them registered, probably through P&W.

The forthcoming General Meeting on Thursday 3rd May

GH confirmed Raith Suite booked and Eric D would be turning up as observer.

Steering group to be at Raith Suite between 1845 and 1900hrs

Directions and pens – action GF

General agenda and running order would be as follows:

  • Meet and greet, SO queries – GF, TP and NL
  • Introduction, update, SISCo – JP
  • Membership update – BW
  • Treasurer’s statement – GF
  • Constitution, to include background, sub-group plus a formal proposal to adopt the rules – GH
  • Election of office bearers – Independent chairman (John Urquhart)
  • Agreement of membership fees – BW
  • Way forward – JP + open discussion
  • AOB – JP

Membership update / issues

BW reported that 31 people were contributing by standing orders, 31 people had made donations, 5 people had paid annual fees, 17 people had taken standing order forms. Total = 82

GF stated that the SO through-process could take 6-8 weeks depending on the timing of the form to bank and the date of payment.

Website / Marketing / Communication

MM was close to getting the website live.

JP had organised a recruitment letter to go out with the Classic Strips, which were now at Stark’s Park.

BW requested that a Press Notice be prepared prior to the general meeting so that it could be released immediately after Thursday’s meeting.

Any other business

Shaun’s sponsored strip – general feeling was that there should not be a pay raffle for it at the end of the season – simply present it to someone drawn out of the hat.

RRIST logo – GH tabled 8 cracking pencil-stage designs which a contact had been happy to produce. GH stated that the artist would be prepared to take one of them through to final form for £100. The SG chose three which they liked and GH said his contact would take them to the next stage.

ED had spoken to Colin Cameron and he was prepared to become an ordinary member of the Trust. BW to write to him at Tynecastle. Action BW

Date of next meeting

Will be arranged after the General Meeting on Thursday 3rd May

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