Trust Board Meeting, 4th August 2020 Print This Post

Venue: Online

Present: Graeme Baxter (GB), Steven Lawther (SL), James Proctor (JP) & Alan Russell (AR)

Apologies:  Graeme Condie (GC), Colin Flinn (CF), Andy Simpson (AS) & Steve Wallace (SW)

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Season Ticket Pricing – We Believe There’s A Better Way Print This Post

When the club’s season ticket pricing was announced recently, we were pleased to see that the price of each level of ticket has been reduced from last season. Ticket sales have got off to a brisk start, which speaks volumes for our fans’ willingness to support their club despite the uncertainty about when we will actually be allowed back into stadiums. This generosity and commitment to helping the club has been consistent throughout the COVID-19 lockdown.

We are, however, one of just a few clubs who offer a single price for all age groups of junior supporters, and Starks Park is regrettably the most expensive ground in our division for primary school age children. We have campaigned for prices to be reduced (particularly for our youngest fans) for several years, and have supported the establishment and development of the Roary Club in order to improve the matchday experience for these young fans. We have done this for two reasons – because this is the age when kids pick “their club”, and also because we lose adult supporters when they become parents if it is difficult or expensive to bring their kids with them.

The club have made massive progress in creating a better atmosphere and experience for kids, but at £65 (£55 for renewals) we are unfortunately still one of the most expensive clubs in Scotland for this age group, and last season we were the third most expensive in the country (only the Old Firm were more expensive). The Raith Supporters Trust were able to offer a subsidy which brought the club’s pricing more in line with our League One rivals, but this was only due to us being in the fortunate position of having received a legacy in a former member’s will. In this season’s Championship, the only two other clubs to have a single price for all school age children are Alloa (£40) and Queen of the South (£14); of the other five who have announced their pricing so far, four charge less than £20 for primary school age fans, with only Hearts close to our pricing at £50.

Earlier this summer we made a proposal to the club to introduce differentiated pricing for under 5s, under 12s and under 17s, and hoped that the club would see the value in encouraging young fans and their parents to make a visit to Starks Park a regular part of their lives. We believe that in not doing so, the club has missed an opportunity to continue growing the fanbase of the future. The Trust will continue to campaign for reduced prices for primary school age fans.

Trust Board Meeting, 7th July 2020 Print This Post

Venue: Online

Present: Graeme Baxter (GB), Colin Flinn (CF), Steven Lawther (SL), James Proctor (JP), Alan Russell (AR), Andy Simpson (AS) & Steve Wallace (SW)

Apologies: Graeme Condie (GC)

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Trust Board Meeting, 2nd June 2020 Print This Post

Venue: Online

Present: Graeme Baxter (GB), Colin Flinn (CF), James Proctor (JP), Alan Russell (AR) & Andy Simpson (AS)

Apologies: Graeme Condie (GC), Steven Lawther (SL), Steve Wallace (SW)

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Raith Supporters Trust pick up the tab for season ticket refunds Print This Post

The Raith Supporters Trust have stepped in to make sure that the club don’t lose out on recent season ticket refunds. Raith Rovers had offered all season ticket holders a refund due to not being able to finish the season, with a small number of supporters taking up the offer. The Raith Supporters Trust have offered to cover the cost of the refunds to make sure that the club didn’t lose out financially and the club have accepted.

Trust Chairman Alan Russell said “This is a difficult time for many supporters and offering fans a refund was the right thing to do. It was great to see club go even further and extend an offer to help fans who are struggling in any way they could. As a Supporters Trust we wanted to make sure that the club didn’t lose out financially, so we have made a donation to cover the cost of the refunds that were given. It has been great to see the fans come together the last few months and work to support the club. We are proud that Raith Rovers is a strong community club where the voice of fans is heard and valued.”

2020 Summer Update Print This Post

Despite the prolonged absence of Scottish football action there has been plenty to keep our attention – and we need to recognise and be thankful that Raith Rovers are weathering this storm in better shape than many clubs. That is no small part due to the efforts of the players and backroom team up until March 13th, keeping their noses in front of Falkirk, Airdrieonians, Montrose and East Fife. This secured promotion after three seasons in League One, and we wish those four teams the very best of fortune in next season’s campaign, whenever it begins. It was a genuine five horse race in 2019/20, with fantastic matches against each of those teams (and some really stern tests from those who finished further behind the top five). It does not feel right that these teams were not given the chance to fight for the second promotion place that would otherwise have been up for grabs.

Raith Rovers Football Club have also benefited from strong and decisive leadership within the boardroom – we were one of the first clubs in the country to launch a crowdfunding campaign, which brought in a massive amount of money. Rovers fan Ruaridh Kilgour’s company, Fanwave Digital, were the brains behind the innovative fundraising platform which has raised over £150,000 for clubs across the country – including more than £15,000 donated by Rovers supporters. The Raith Rovers family have put their money where their mouth is and dug deep to help the club, and we are immensely proud of the way in which we have come together to ensure that our club survives and is in the best shape it can be by the time the Championship campaign begins.

As a Supporters Trust we have not wanted to distract from the clubs fundraising efforts so we helped to promote these through all of our social media channels. But we have still been busy and have been using this time to prepare for the future and are delighted to now have an online membership platform ready to launch, automating many of the more time-consuming tasks involved in running the Trust, and will be able to communicate directly with members more easily in the future. When the new season is finally upon us we will be encouraging every Rovers supporter to use this platform to sign up as a Trust member, with our focus shifting from share ownership to supporter engagement.

We will also be catching up with governance activities after lockdown, having postponed our AGM until face-to-face meetings are once again permitted. In the event that restrictions remain in place long-term we will move this process to an online platform, but our preference is to meet with you in person. We’ve missed you all!

Trust Board Meeting, 6th May 2020 Print This Post

Venue: Online

Present: Graeme Baxter (GB), Steven Lawther (SL), James Proctor (JP), Alan Russell (AR), Andy Simpson (AS) & Steve Wallace (SW)

Apologies:  Graeme Condie (GC), Colin Flinn (CF)

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Trust Board Meeting, 17th March 2020 Print This Post

Venue: Online

Present: Graeme Baxter (GB), Graeme Condie (GC), Colin Flinn (CF), Steven Lawther (SL), James Proctor (JP), Alan Russell (AR) & Andy Simpson (AS).

Apologies:  Steve Wallace (SW)

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Trust Board Meeting, 17th September 2019 Print This Post

Venue: The Boathouse, Aberdour

Present: Graeme Condie (GC), Colin Flinn, (CF), Steven Lawther (SL), James Proctor (JP), Alan Russell (AR) & Andy Simpson (AS)

Apologies:  Steve Wallace (SW), Graeme Baxter (GB)

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Raith Supporters Trust Fan Survey Print This Post

We are looking for your opinions on Raith Rovers, from the match day experience, the catering, club shop through to how the club is run, the role of the Trust and future priorities for our club.  The views of fans are incredibly important and the more responses we receive, the more effective we can be in making sure that the views of supporters are heard and that the results help shape future decisions.

The survey should only take a few minutes to complete as most questions ask you to simply tick a box. There is also the opportunity to raise any issues you feel are important or need looked at by the club or the Trust. All responses are completely confidential. 

The survey can be found at

Please feel free to forward this link to any other Rovers supporting friends so that they can have their say too.

Many thanks for your support.


UPDATE: Survey Results

Overall the results are pretty positive for the club, with 88% of the 483 respondents believing the club is heading in the right direction. Recent initiatives (Raith TV, Roary Club. Supporters Fund in particular) have helped create a stronger sense of progress. Greater regularity and openness of communication from the club has also helped create a better sense of a club who cares about and listens to fans. This means the vast majority are broadly supportive of the club’s general direction of travel.

That said, there are a number of things the survey highlights which causes frustration:

  • The wider financial position of the club – a section of the support have concerns around long-term sustainability.
  • The current league position of the club. There is a sense that the club is stuck in the third tier. There is a belief that this is holding the club back.
  • The support is ageing. The profile of the support tends towards older people who have supported the club for a long time. There is a clear need for new supporters to be found to replace these long-term.
  • Atmosphere at matches. Most other aspects of the match day experience are ranked positively. This is one area that fans feel less positive about.
  • Some of the facilities on offer at Stark’s Park. Toilets, lack of an accessible bar/club for a pre-match drink, lack of standing, facilities for the disabled/elderly are all raised as concerns.
  • The range of things on offer in the club shop.
  • The cost of admission for children especially – this still acts as the main barrier to attending for some.