Dorothy Wilson elected as the next Supporters’ Director Print This Post

Following a closely-contested election, the votes have now been counted and verified, and we would like to congratulate Dorothy Wilson on becoming our next elected representative to the board of Raith Rovers.

In total 341 votes were cast, 12 of which were submitted anonymously and could not be counted, and 3 from voters whose eligibility could not be confirmed. Of the 326 valid votes, two abstained and one expressed no preference. So the final result was as follows:

  • Steven Graham 150 (46.0%)
  • Dorothy Wilson 173 (53.1%)
  • No preference 3 (0.9%)

The calibre of the two candidates was incredibly high, and the willingness of both Dorothy and Steven to get involved with building a stronger club gives us great hope for the future.

Raith Supporters Trust: Working Together For A Stronger Raith Rovers Print This Post

The board of Raith Supporters Trust were appalled to read the interview with the club’s owner today. Having had 10 weeks to reflect on the David Goodwillie signing, it appears that he is deaf to the concerns of fans, and unrepentant about the damage caused to the club.

At a time when the club are preparing for a vital run of matches which could secure promotion to the Premiership this was not a welcome intervention. We stand against John Sim’s threat to close the club down, and we stand for every Raith Rovers supporter who believes in a strong future for a club at the heart of the Kirkcaldy community, one that we can be proud of and which cares about more than just football.

As always, we are committed to building this future, and believe passionately that supporters’ voices should be at the heart of our club.

Raith Rovers Supporters’ Director – Election Hustings Print This Post

An online “hustings” event, where you will have the chance to put questions to the two candidates to become Supporters’ Director and represent your interests at Starks Park, will be held next Monday.

Please submit your questions in writing, in advance, via – these may be put directly to Steven and Dorothy, or grouped with other similar questions if appropriate. If time allows, there may be an opportunity to ask “live” questions, but we hope that you appreciate that this may not be possible given the level of interest in this election.

Raith Rovers Supporters’ Director – Candidates Statements Print This Post

Following last week’s deadline for nominations for the post of Raith Rovers Supporters’ Director, we are delighted to announce that two excellent candidates have expressed interest in the role: Steven Graham and Dorothy Wilson.

A hustings event took place online on April 4th, with questions submitted in advance – you can view a recording of the event here (the 90 minute recording has been split into 6 sections):

2022 Hustings (1 of 6)

2022 Hustings (2 of 6)

2022 Hustings (3 of 6)

2022 Hustings (4 of 6)

2022 Hustings (5 of 6)

2022 Hustings (6 of 6)

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Nominations sought for the role of Supporters’ Director at Raith Rovers Print This Post

The nomination process for the Supporters’ Director role at Raith Rovers FC is now open.

Andy Mill has resigned from the board of directors, and nominations are therefore sought from Rovers supporters interested in fulfilling the role. Nominations are therefore sought from Rovers supporters interested in fulfilling the role, by completing a nomination form and returning it by post or email to

To carry out this role, candidates must be current adult members of any of the Raith Forum groups (Jim McMillan Club, 200 Club, Supporters Club, Rovers Down South, Fife’s Finest, The Neeburs Of Geordie Munro and Raith Supporters Trust) OR a Raith Rovers FC season ticket holder.

Details on the duties and responsibilities of the role can be obtained here.

Nominations, seconded by two members of Raith Forum organisations (Jim McMillan Club, 200 Club, Supporters Club, Rovers Down South, Fife’s Finest, The Neeburs Of Geordie Munro and Raith Supporters Trust) or by two Raith Rovers FC season ticket holders, should be received no later than Friday 18th March 2022.

In the event of more than one nomination being received an election will take place between Tuesday 29th March and Friday 15th April 2022.

GDPR compliance
The election will be administered by Raith Supporters Trust, on behalf of all supporters. For this purpose, names and email addresses (but no other personal data) will be shared by other supporters groups with the Trust, and deleted after the election is complete. If you do not wish to be included in the election process, please let the group you are part of know and they will remove your name from the voters list.

David Goodwillie: 18/02/22 update Print This Post

Earlier this week, the football club announced that it had reached out to supporters’ groups, and would be meeting with each of them over the coming weeks as part of its plan to repair the damage caused by its signing of David Goodwillie. We welcome this approach, and are one of the groups who have already met with the club’s CEO to begin these discussions. We’d like to give you an overview of what was discussed, and outline the key points we raised in our meeting.

The meeting was positive and productive, and we found the club open and willing to listen to our ideas and concerns, and also to understand our point of view on issues where we disagreed. The process of rebuilding the club’s reputation and the trust of fans and the wider community is likely to be challenging, but we are encouraged that there is a genuine desire to work together towards this goal.

While many fans have called for the resignation of those involved in this transfer, we have resisted doing so ourselves. Instead, we have challenged the remaining board members to take responsibility for their part in the transfer by supporting positive change, to make our club better. We are keen to work together towards a long-term sustainable model for the club, with governance and decision-making structures that are fit for purpose and which will prevent any repeat of the recent failures. There should be no place at Starks Park for anyone unwilling to support this process, and it is essential that the four remaining club directors – John Sim, David Sinton, Tom Morgan and Steven MacDonald – accept that they failed the club, its fans, and its community on January 31st and commit to the process of change.

We set out four immediate priorities for change, and look forward to these being incorporated in the club’s rebuilding plan alongside the priorities of other supporters’ groups:

  1. Rebuilding trust with the club’s volunteers, by demonstrating that the club’s values will guide everything that the club does, and that it still stands for the things that led volunteers to devote their time and energy to it in the first place. Many (but not all) volunteers have returned to their roles, every one of us deserves to feel that the club has learned from recent events and will not let us down again.
  2. Establishing clear roles and accountabilities at board level, a clearly defined decision-making process, and greater diversity at board level – not just in terms of their demographics, but by becoming a leadership group who represent the whole of the community that our football club serves, and put the community at the heart of every decision it makes.
  3. Ensuring a strong focus on fan engagement, by ensuring permanent democratic representation at board level for supporters. It was notable that our elected Supporter-Director and our Supporter Liaison Officer were the first to resign in protest against the signing of David Goodwillie, and the club must ensure that people with their integrity are listened to – the voice of the fans must be taken seriously. We hope that Raith Rovers fans can continue to be represented by people of Andy Mill and Margie Robertson’s calibre.
  4. Extending the existing arrangements for fan engagement to include a permanent ‘structured dialogue’ process. Building on best practice seen at other Scottish clubs and beyond, Raith Rovers should establish mechanisms to consult with supporters before difficult decisions are made, including a representative group of fans who can be brought into board-level discussions to provide feedback and fresh perspectives. Accountability for decisions should remain with the club’s board and staff, but with a checkpoint built into these decisions to ensure they are fully thought through.

David Goodwillie: an update (10/02/22) Print This Post

The Trust board are meeting regularly, and we are keen to help rebuild the club in a way which will prevent such an error of judgement ever being repeated.

We are encouraged that many other supporters groups share our concerns, and we will engage with those within and around the club in order to understand how the club can move forward.

We believe the Trust can play a unique role amongst these groups, as we are legally constituted as a democratic organisation, open to all, with an established and trusted reputation. The Trust is ready to act as the engine room for any fan-led campaign to take the club forward.

In our conversations with the club we will focus first on the governance and decision-making processes which led to this signing, the club’s apparent disregard for its own values, and the need for a genuine apology to all victims of male sexual violence for the hurt caused.

Football is nothing without fans, and many have made invaluable contributions to the club as volunteers over the years. If our club is to thrive again it is vital that it rebuilds their trust.

This issue has affected every fan differently, and we respect your own personal choices on how to support the club. We must not allow this issue to divide us, and we will work hard to represent and unite all supporters behind our long-term vision for a stronger Raith Rovers.

RRFC takes the first step to recover Print This Post

The events of the last 72 hours have been extremely difficult for all who hold Raith Rovers close to their heart. We welcome the fact that those in charge now recognise the magnitude of their mistake and that this player will no longer represent our club. It is the necessary first step in rebuilding trust and recovering from the significant damage caused to our football club.

If there is anything positive to be taken from the distressing events this week, it is the number of supporters and volunteers willing to stand up and be counted on this issue and the support expressed by fans of other clubs. The people who had the best interests of the club at heart throughout the last week have been fans. The Raith Supporters Trust would like to publicly thank everyone who took a stand and made their opposition clear. We believe that these individuals reflect the true values of our club.

It is important to remember that the headlines of the last three days will have caused significant pain to the victim involved in this case and many other victims of male sexual violence. Our thoughts go out to anyone who has suffered in this way. That our club inflicted this pain knowingly and has failed to apologise for it is unforgivable.

This highlights a fundamental weakness around the decision making process and ownership structure at our club. This is something that needs to be addressed urgently. We will be consulting with our members, other fan groups and the wider support about how best we address these concerns and restore our position as a genuine community club.

Disgusted Raith Legend withdraws from Hall of Fame Print This Post

League Cup winner Stephen McAnespie has today instructed his lawyer to write to Raith Rovers asking that he be removed from the clubs Hall of Fame.

“I am disgusted… Disgusted by the signing of that player by the club I love”

He went on, “I’ve coached here in the USA since 2002 with boys, girls and young people at every age group. I’ve coached several women who’ve gone on to play for the USA. I have been involved in football all my working life promoting being both better players and better people”

“We are role models. Young people look to football players and clubs for examples of how to play, to act and to live. I know and understand how important a clubs reputation is”

“My lawyer is issuing a statement today, it needs more of our guys to make a stand. I have a daughter and we all have females in our life. The club statement was embarrassing, whoever wrote it needs to step down and apologise”

“I’m beyond livid, I loved being proud of being a Rover”

“So many Raith fans are like me disgusted… They are stopping giving money to the club and many have contributed instead to the fundraiser for Rape Crisis Scotland Helpline. Supporting all victims of this sort of act, victims who will be upset and appalled by events at Starks Park”

“The fans, the volunteers, all those who have felt forced to step away or resign deserve better than this. Like so many who love the Rovers I am horrified and deeply upset by this episode. I’m disgusted…”

“I’m withdrawing my Hall of Fame membership with a heavy, heavy heart. I can’t be involved with an organisation that excuses that sort of behaviour”

David Goodwillie Print This Post

The board of Raith Supporters Trust strongly oppose last night’s transfer deadline signing of David Goodwillie, which runs contrary to the values of Raith Rovers as an inclusive club at the heart of its community. When speculation about this transfer began in late December the reaction from fans, shareholders and sponsors was clearly stated, and the board of Raith Rovers Football Club must have anticipated the backlash this morning.

We will be at our usual meeting point in the South Stand concourse at Starks Park this evening for the match against Queen of the South, to listen to the views of our members and the wider support, in order that we can properly represent their views in discussions with the club. Those members and fans who can not attend can reach us to share their views regarding this signing via email:

Our focus has always been on the long term future of our football club, and we will continue to work together with others for a stronger Raith Rovers.